ViewpointsAB was launched by volunteer Albertans in September, 2015. Although we held differing perspectives on the issues and questions connected to energy and climate change choices in Alberta, we were united in our desire to see citizens better consulted and able to provide their own unfiltered thoughts on policies and decisions that affect all of us.

ViewpointsAB was an effort entirely supported and funded out-of-pocket by volunteers with NO financial or organizational support from, or association with, government, political parties, advocacy groups, special interest group or private sector corporations, or any traditional media.

We undertook this short term initiative, to reach out to individual Albertans and invite their Viewpoints on Alberta's energy future in advance of the COP21 climate change conference in Paris, because we wanted to ensure the voices of regular Albertans were heard.

Between September 15th and December 11th 2015, we reached nearly 590,800 unique visitors/viewers through our various website and social media channels; 78% of those were Albertans.

On December 12th, COP21 reached a final text of the climate change agreement, and as promised by our volunteer organizing team, this website has been shut down at that same time.

We are very grateful for your ideas about Alberta's energy future. We encourage you to continue to share your Viewpoints with decision-makers, and with your families, colleagues and communities. Alberta is going to need citizen support and ongoing guidance to refine and implement the many changes undertaken in the last few months.

Furthermore, we are hopeful that citizens of Alberta, government representatives, energy industry players, advocates, experts, and our youth representing, all sides and perspectives,  can figure out ways to come together and explore ideas, issues, facts and perspectives, and come up with real lasting solutions for Alberta and our energy future.

A very sincere thank you to all who observed and participated,

Donna Kennedy-Glans
ViewpointsAB Initiative Founder
on behalf of the ViewpointsAB volunteer team
Donna Kennedy-Glans on Twitter